Monday, November 30, 2015

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Looking for your next book? Find books that match your reading style. NoveList offers reading recommendations for both fiction and nonfiction, for all ages, so that you get the best help for finding just the right books. The service includes:

  • Series information that helps you figure out books in a series -- it's not always obvious!
  • Appeal factors that let you decide whether or not a book is your style. Do you like funny, fast-paced mysteries? Or detailed mysteries with a lot of intrigue?
  • Reviews from professional journals as well as from readers (Goodreads, Chilifresh)
  • Hundreds of reading lists that make it easy to find lists of great books
  • Book award information (Caldecott Medal, Pulitzer, Man Booker, and more) 

NoveList suggestions also come up automatically in the Library’s web catalog. When you find a book you like, click on "Full Record" to see suggestions of similar books.

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